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Forced diversity primarily occurs in fictional adaptions — works adapting a given medium, usually books, where a character’s basic premises, such as ethnicity, personality, or sexuality, is warped to fit into the modern, American social agenda. A female character suddenly becomes a token feminist in the most stereotypical sense, a character’s homosexuality is highlighted to the point it eclipses the rest of their essence, a white character is black-washed even when the character’s whiteness is an inherent part of who they are.

I am dubbing it “modern, American social agenda” because, it should go without saying, not all nations share…

It is quite comfortable to choose a pair of shoes and think “yes, at least my shoe size is considered acceptable by the world.” Conforming can bring comfort sometimes, right? Even if it is treacherous. Or perhaps that small comfort is not shared by all readers, as even choosing a pair of shoes does not give the same respite?

Being only moderately tall myself (1m71/5’7), my personal experience when it came to buying shoes was smooth enough. I fit a size 40 (US 9), and to my understanding, sizes 40 and 41 (US 10) sit at the threshold of accepted…

Eris F

Vibe rider.

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